Summer 2017 Camp Schedule     |     Registration NOW OPEN!
1-Day Camps: July 5 July 6 July 7        
9AM Lacrosse Floor Hockey Ropes (Teen)        
1PM Archery - FULL Climbing - FULL Cooking        
June 19 - June 23 June 26 - 30 July 10 - 14 July 17 - 21 July 24 - 28 July 31 - Aug 4 Aug 7 - 11
9AM   Lacrosse Hockey Lacrosse (int) Hockey Lacrosse Climb - FULL
  Fencing - FULL Climbing - FULL Ropes (Teen) Fencing - FULL Cooking - FULL Archery - FULL
Badminton - FULL Ropes (Teen) Archery - FULL Athlete Performance Archery - FULL Badminton (int) Ropes (teen)
1PM   Cooking - FULL Fencing (Teen) Cooking - FULL Badminton Archery Cooking - FULL
Archery - FULL Climbing - FULL Yoga/Swim Yoga/Swim Yoga/Swim Fencing - FULL Yoga/Swim
Badminton Archery - FULL Cooking (Teen) Climbing - FULL Badminton
  We offer a supervised Pre and Post-Care package for the whole week your child is enrolled in Camp. The cost is a flat rate of $50 for all 5 days of camp, whether you use it 1 day or all 5 days. It covers both Pre-Camp Care (7:30-9am), and Post-Camp Care (4-5:30pm).

            Summer 2017 Camp Descriptions & Fees
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Ages: 8 - 16 years old UCI Campus Recreation - Archery Summer Camp Picture
July 5th:
$150 (members) | $175 (non-members)
$30 (members) | $35 (non-members)
Days/Times June 19-23 1-4pm - FULL
July 5th 1-4pm (1 day only) - FULL
July 10-14 9am-12pm - FULL
July 17-21 1-4pm - FULL
July 24-28 9am-12pm - FULL
July 31-August 4 1-4pm
August 7-11 9am-12pm - FULL
Location: ARC Back Court Gym
Description: Step onto the ARC’s archery range and learn how to be an Olympic archer this summer! The Summer Archery program focuses on providing campers with a fun, memorable experience as they learn the fundamentals of archery through fun activities such as balloon shooting and team activities. Campers will groom their shooting skills and self-confidence as they learn how to hit the center of the target with each passing day. Coach Juan Garibay will lead the program along with his staff of experienced collegiate archers. The coaching staff is dedicated to providing a positive, productive learning environment so the campers can have fun hitting the bulls-eye every time.
Athlete Performance
Ages: 8 - 16 years old

Camp Agenda:

Day 1 – Movement Assessments, Video
Day 2 – Linear Speed & Running Technique
Day 3 – Agility, Balance and Coordination
Day 4 – Plyos & Relative Strength Exercises
Day 5 – Movement Assessment Re-test, Obstacle Course day with Parents
Fees: $175 (members) | $200 (non-members)
Days/Times June 26-30 1-4pm
July 17-21 9am-12pm
Location: ARC Back Court Gym
Description: A new addition to the Anteater Recreation Summer Camp program, Athlete Performance Camp will prepare young athletes for success who have the desire to play high school or competitive club sports by enhancing sport performance. For one week, we will focus on evidence-based practices to establish proper movement patterns and body mechanics, which will set up the beginner athlete’s future for success improving performance, decreasing injury prevention, and promoting the long-term enjoyment of sports participation. This camp is led by our strength and conditioning coaches who will focus on basic training methods with each athlete, regardless of his/her level or functional capacity.

Athletes in this program will conduct pre and post testing analysis with Dartfish video capture technology, and then be introduced to the basics of sport enhancement training by focusing on running technique drills, agility, balance, and coordination training, plyometrics, and strength training using free weights, body weight training, and suspension training.
  Ages: 8 - 16 years old UCI Campus Recreation - Badminton Summer Camp Picture
  Fees: $150 (members) | $175 (non-members)
  Days/Times June 19-23 9am-12pm - FULL
July 10-14 1-4pm
July 24-28 1-4pm
Jul 31-Aug 4 9am-12pm (Int)
Aug 7-11 1-4pm
  Location: ARC Main Gym Court 3
  Description: Join UCI Badminton Club Coach, Daniel Commins and his collegiate staff for a fun filled day of Badminton! Campers will learn the rules of singles, doubles, and mixed events as well as the fundamentals of racquet grip, racquet strokes, and proper footwork. This camp is great for students with some experience or those learning for the first time.

The intermediate badminton camp is intended for campers that have taken the camp before or has prior playing experience. This camp assumes each camper knows the court boundaries, service rules, and score keeping. The goal of this camp will be to build upon these fundamentals by introducing different shots, movement patterns, and doubles strategies.
Ages: 8 - 16 years old UCI Campus Recreation - Cooking Summer Camp Picture
July 7:
$200 (members) | $250 (non-members)
$35 (members) | $40 (non-members)
Days/Times June 26-30 1-4pm - FULL
July 7 1-4pm
July 17-21 1-4pm - FULL
July 24-28 1-4pm (T)
July 31-Aug 4 9am-12pm - FULL
Aug 7-11 1-4pm - FULL
Baking Camp
Summer Favorites
International Flavors
Teen Cooking
International Flavors
Baking Camp
Location: ARC Kitchen & Classroom
Description: Enroll in Cooking College and take a culinary journey with Chef Jessica VanRoo, UCI's Culinary Coordinator and her staff of UCI Sous Chefs. Campers will learn to cook various types of meals in an environment that encourages discovery and creativity. Camp is designed to familiarize students with healthy foods while they experience what it feels like to create and taste delicious recipes that they prepare. Teen Camp will allow older and experienced chefs to be even more creative with culinary creations! To cover the cost of materials for each camper, this camp has a $50 supplies fee included in the cost.
  Ages: 8 - 16 years old UCI Campus Recreation - Fencing Summer Camp Picture
  Fees: $150 (members) | $175 (non-members)
  Days/Times June 26-30 9am-12pm - FULL
July 10-14 1-4pm (Teen)
July 24-28 9am-12pm - FULL
July 31-Aug 4 1-4pm - FULL
  Location: ARC Activity Annex
  Description: En Garde! Learn the Olympic sport of fencing with UCI Fencing Coach Ati Seif. As an introductory camp, participants will learn the fundamentals of fencing, including footwork, blade work, rules, strategy, fencing tactics, and timing. The camp will enhance agility, balance, build strength, and increase hand eye coordination, all in an extremely safe and dynamic manner. We promise you will never have more fun with a sword!
Floor Hockey
  Ages: 8 - 16 year olds
July 6:
$175 (members) | $200 (non-members)
$35 (members) | $40 (non-members)
  Days/Times July 6 9am-12pm
July 10-14 9am-12pm
July 24-28 9am-12pm
  Location: ARC Hockey Rink
  Description: In the Floor Hockey camp campers will learn the basic skills of hockey such as shooting, passing, stick handling and positioning through activities like drills, contests, and scrimmages. Campers will learn the fundamentals of this exciting sport while having a blast handling a puck/ball. Floor Hockey will also instill the importance of qualities like trust, leadership and teamwork. Join our qualified instructors as they guide you through this version of ice and roller hockey!
High Ropes
Ages: 12 - 16 year olds UC Irvine Campus Recreation - Summer Camps - Hight Ropes
July 7:
$150 (members) | $175 (non-members)
$35 (members) | $40 (non-members)
Days/Times June 26-30 9am-12pm (T)
July 7 9am-12pm (T-Low Ropes)
July 17-21 9am-12pm (T)
August 7-11 9am-12pm (T)
Location: ARC Odyssey Course
Description: Looking for some adventure?  Want to learn about your leadership style?  Want to overcome your fear of heights (or public speaking)?  Our High Ropes and Leadership Camp will give you the opportunity to do all of these! The Odyssey High Ropes Course, standing 50 feet high and 360 feet long, will inspire you to support one another, communicate effectively, problem-solve efficiently, and build cohesive relationships.  And our 120 foot zip line is always our favorite part of the day.  This camp is not just about challenging your fear of heights; it’s about learning valuable skills on how to lead.   Team Challenge director, Jason Ryba and his staff of Ropes course facilitators will take you through team building activities (both on the ground, and on the high ropes course), and they will teach you how to lead them as well. Teen only camp. July 7th camp will be a Low Ropes day-camp that use ground-based leadership activities.
  Ages: 8 - 14 year olds
July 5:
$175 (members) | $200 (non-members)
$35 (members) | $40 (non-members)
  Days/Times June 26-30 9am-12pm
July 5 9am-12pm
July 17-21 9am-12pm (Int)
July 31-Aug 4 9am-12pm
  Location: ARC Fields
  Description: Want to learn 'The Fastest Game on Two Feet'? Join UCI Lacrosse Coach Tim Fox and his experienced coaches out on the fields to enjoy the exciting sport of Lacrosse. Campers will learn the basic rules and fundamental skills necessary to play, while experiencing fun drills, contests, and scrimmages. This Co-ed camp is for beginners, new to the sport of lacrosse. All beginner lacrosse equipment is provided.

The Intermediate camp is for students with experience in the sport of lacrosse, either through the Anteater Recreation Lacrosse camp or another outside program. This camp will focus on game play and strategy. Equipment will be provided or personal equipement can be used.
Rock Climbing
Ages: 8 - 16 year olds UCI Campus Recreation - Rock Climbing Summer Camp Picture
July 6:
$150 (members) | $175 (non-members)
$30 (members) | $35 (non-members)
Days/Times June 26-30 1-4pm - FULL
July 6 1-4pm - FULL
July 10-14 9am-12pm - FULL
July 31-Aug 4 1-4pm - FULL
Aug 7-11 9am-12pm - FULL
Location: ARC Rock Wall
Description: Altitude Adventure is the perfect choice for the adventurous camper looking for some fun up in the air. Altitude Adventure maximizes FUN and emphasizes the basics of rock climbing on our 35' indoor Rock Wall. Campers will participate daily in roped climbing, climbing practice drills, knot tying, climbing games and challenges, belay skills and even have a chance to try rappelling down the wall and the newest climbing challege: crate stacking! Techniques and skills learned will help improve balance, strength, and confidence. The Altitude Adventure Climbing camp is led by Doug Tully, UCI's Outdoor Adventures Coordinator, and his staff of experienced climbing instructors.
Yoga & Swim
Ages: 8 - 16 year olds UCI Campus Recreation - ARC Camps
$175 (members) | $200 (non-members)
Days/Times July 10-14 1-4pm
July 17-21 1-4pm
July 24-28 1-4pm
August 7-11 1-4pm
Location: ARC Training Zone & Aquatics Plaza
Description: The newest addition to the Anteater Recreation Summer Camp program is the combination Yoga & Swim camp. In this camp students will get an introductory look into the world and practice of yoga for the first 1.5 hours of the camp. Yoga poses, activities and games as well as mindfulness will be used to foster an environment for building confidence, well-being, strength, flexibility and coordination. The following 1.5 hours of camp will consist of a combination of structured swimming and aquatic activities. The group will be broken up by experience level into two groups. The first group will be given a structured swim lesson, while the other participates in guided activities and fun time. The groups will then switch, giving each participant a guided swim lesson and the opportunity to engage in pool activities.