UCI Wushu Club - National Tournament Medals
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UCI Wushu Club Medals at National Tournament

The UCI Wushu Club recently participated in the 21st Collegiate Wushu Tournament hosted by the University of Washington. UCI's A Team and B Team achieved 2nd and 3rd place respectively out of the 8 teams that were competing.

UCI Wushu Club Medal Count:

Gold: 18

Silver: 9

Bronze: 8

Congratulations UCI Wushu Club on their successful season!

UCI Tennis Club - Finishes 2nd at Nationals
UCI Anteater Club Sports - Taekwondo
UCI Club Tennis 2017: Daniel Tseng, Winston Ngo, Andy Francis, Tommy Luu, Gabe Cupino, Nick Wang. Bottom Row: Coach Iris Fonseca, Jenny Leong, Yoshino Takashimizu, Kaitlyn Nguyen, Kiana Phaychanpheng, Melissa Huang

UCI Club Tennis Finishes 2nd at Nationals out of 64 Teams

The recent three-day Tennis On Campus national tournament, that took place in Florida, ended with a tight match-up between University of Michigan and UC Irvine. Despite a late deficit, University of Michigan was able to overcome UC Irvine an deliver the victory with a 24-20 final score. The Tennis on Campus national tournament involved 64 teams from across the country. Irvine placed first in its pool consisting of Rice, U of Virginia, and Tennessee. That advanced them to the “gold bracket” where they went undefeated until the final game beating out Georgia, Penn, Penn State, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Central Florida and Cornell. The other bracket included Georgia Tech, Florida, Harvard, Berkeley, Vanderbilt, UCLA, Cal Poly SLO and the eventual winner Michigan.

"UC Irvine is as classy of a team as you'll find here, and to have the opportunity to play them in front of all of these fans is a once-in-a-lifetime thing." Commented Michigan team captain Alex Gruskin. This win marks University of Michigan’s first national tennis club title. "To go down the way we did was completely fine," UC Irvine captain Tommy Luu said. "They just came out a lot stronger. We missed some crucial points, but it's OK. We tried to fight and tried to keep in it, but at the end we fell short.” California universities had won 5 of the last 8 titles.

Congratulation UCI Club Tennis on their successful season!

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