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  • President:  Quinn Kantor
  • League:    West Coast Collegiate Triathlon Conference
  • National:   USA Triathlon (USAT)
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Triathlon Club welcomes student athletes to train and race together. We encourage participation from all levels of athletic ability. We embrace the multisport lifestyle, emphasizing on three main principles: swim, bike, fun!

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Triathlon Schedule of Events

Club/Event Date Time/Results
Triathlon @ UCSD 10/27 10:30 AM
Triathlon @ UCLA 11/24 7:00 AM
Trialthlon Club - Zot Trot Triathlon 2/9 4:00 AM
Triathlon @ UCSD 2/23 7:30 AM
Triathlon @ UCLA 3/2 7:15 AM
Triathlon @ Cal Poly 3/22 7:30 AM
Triathlon @ Nationals (Tempe, AZ) 4/4 8:00 AM

Complete Schedule of Events
Triathlon Practice Schedule

Practice Location Day(s) Date(s) Time