Welcome to the UC Irvine Club Sports Visiting Team and Spectator informational page. Below you will find the necessary information in order to travel to UCI to compete in any competition. If you have any questions concerning these policies, please contact the relevant Club Sports President, or the Anteater Recreation Center Front Desk (949.824.1050).

All policies listed below may be enforced by any of the UCI Campus Recreation employees as well as the hosting club officers, coaches and members.

UCI Campus Recreation Anteater Club Sports

Click to view the Visiting Team/Spectotors Policies (pdf)
Most competitions are held at the Anteater Recreation Center (ARC). Both indoor and outdoor events have policies which must be abided by in order to participate, this information is listed below. Click to view directions from all the major freeways. The ARC's Address:

          Anteater Recreation Center (ARC)
          680 California Ave, Irvine, CA 92697-4515

Visiting teams and spectators can park in the ARC parking lot or in the East Campus Parking Structure. To park in both the ARC Parking lot and the East Campus Parking structure you must purchase a parking day pass if you do not have a UCI parking permit. Hourly permits purchased from the ticket dispenser in the ARC parking lot are valid in the ARC Parking lot and white spaces in the East Campus Parking structure. Those with a UCI permit may park in all unmarked spaces in the parking structure. Parking Prices (ARC Lot dispenser): 1 hour = $2, Daily = $10.
If any cars are parked in illegal locations, they will be ticketed and towed so please abide by all University policies.

Prior to any competition, all players from the visiting teams must sign the team waiver in order to participate. If a team would like to receive a copy of this waiver for its participants to sign prior to the date of competition, please contact the Club Sports Director at 949-824-5774.

Visiting teams arriving for tournaments MUST complete the team waivers prior to entering the facility or field complex. All tournament fees must be paid in full to the Club before the team will be permitted to enter the facility. If individuals will be traveling for only one day of a two-day competition they MUST check in with the Campus Recreation Staff prior to joining in the competition. Teams are NOT allowed to utilize any other area of the facility while they are at the ARC for competitions.

Showering at the ARC
If an opposing team wants to shower at the ARC, they must receive advance permission to do so. Only participants that have signed the waiver and have identification will be allowed into the ARC to shower. Opposing teams must bring their own towels and other shower necessities.
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