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UCI Campus Recreation, in conjunction with Be Smart About Safety, presents a series of events to educate and encourage us toward healthier behaviors: Health & Fitness Fridays.

UCI Campus Recreation - Health & Fitness Friday - Chef Jessica
Each Health and Fitness Fridays event will include a light lunch and a presentation from an engaging expert on a current health topic. All events will be held at the ARC at 12pm, on the third Friday of every month from October to May. You're welcome to use the ARC Facilities before or after each event for free. We will announce the speaker and topic near the first of each month, then please sign up for the Friday that you plan to attend through UC Learning Center.
10/17 – The Eat Real Food Challenge - Jessica VanRoo

Kick off UC Food Day by learning about Eat Real Food Challenge. What is "real food," how do you know if what you are eating is "real?" Challenge yourself this year by taking the real food pledge. This pledge will challenge you and give you a first-hand, eye opening experience on how to identify the real food in our processed food world.

This event will help you realize that some of those pre-packaged processed “food-like substances” don’t even taste that good compared to real food. At the end of the event and challenge you will have the ability to continue on with your life however you chose, but with the new knowledge of how and why to avoid processed foods. Hopefully your Food Day experience will convince you to consider making at least a few changes for life.

11/21 - Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain - Katie Rankell, RD CDE

Maintain, Don't Gain This Holiday Season!
The average American gains 1-5 pounds over the holiday season and usually doesn't lose it. Over time, it can add up! Don't wait for New Year's Resolutions. Maintain your pre-holiday weight throughout the holiday season.

Join Katie Rankell from the UCI Weight Management Program to learn strategies to maintain or lose weight over the holidays; Tips to navigate the Holiday Parties and stay within your caloric budget; Ways to make sure exercise doesn’t slip to the way side.

12/19 - Managing Holiday Stress - Kali Knapp

Managing stress can be a feat to tackle, especially during the holidays. High stress levels can lead to, or exacerbate, illness and injury, which may make it difficult to enjoy the holidays or other special events. Learn about how the stress response affects the body and discover why bio feedback is used as a strategy to improve health.

1/16 - Stopping Prediabetes in its tracks - Terrye Peterson, RN, CDE
          Clinical Nurse IV, UCI Health Education, Diabetes

Whether you have been diagnosed with prediabetes, have been told your fasting glucose is 100-125, have “normal” blood sugar that has been creeping up, or are just interested in preventing diabetes, this is the time to stop sugar-coating it, get motivated, and learn what you can do to stay healthy. If you are one of the estimated 79 million Americans with prediabetes, you may be at an increased risk for developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Lifestyle improvements can prevent or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes. Attend this workshop to learn specific steps you can take to control your blood sugar and reduce your risk of diabetes and other chronic diseases.

2/20 - The Mediterranean Diet - Kristie E. Holt, MPH, MCHES, CLE, ICCE, Kaiser Health Educator

Learn the basics of the "Mediterranean Diet" and see how this approach towards clean eating can improve your waistline, heart health and help you look and feel great.


3/20 - Spring into Meditation for Rejuvenation & Energy Balancing - Martha K. Jensen, B.S., Certified in Holistic Wellness & Spiritual Direction, Health Educator, Patient Education, UC Irvine Health

Celebrate the Spring with an introduction in to guided meditation. Relax with a guided springtime meditation, then join together speaking aloud a Navajo healing chant followed by a rejuvenating energy balancing of your primary energy centers, and finally absorb the blessings of vibrations from Tibetan bowls. Follow Certified Holistic Wellness and Spiritual Director and UC Irvine Health, Patient Educator, Martha K. Jensen on a Spring meditation for rejuvenation and energy balance.

4/17 - Eat Green, Go Green - Chef Larry Martinez, UCI Hospitality & Dining Chef of Lot 5 Commons &
Tyson Monagle, UCI Hospitality & Dining Sustainability Coordinator

Get ready for Earth Day, Join UCI Hospitality & Dining Chef Larry Martinez of Lot 5 Commons for a Healthy Cooking Demo of his Spring Green Salad with Sesame Chicken and Ponzu Vinaigrette. Learn how to make the salad including Spring Greens with an array of fun ingredients, like, Edamame, Diakon Sprouts, Water Chestnuts, Soba noodles, Mandarin oranges, Shredded Carrots, Cucumbers, Heart of Palms, Wonton Strips.

Sustainability Coordinator, Tyson Monagle will also present information about our UCI Hospitality & Dining sustainability program including information on the UCI Dining Zero waste initiatives and Earth Week Events on UCI Campus

5/15 - Food, Just For You: Eating Healthy at Work. - Chef Kit, UCI Pippin Commons & Kathryn Lavelle, UCI Hospitality & Dining Marketing Manager

What is a HEALTHY Diet? What kinds of food should you eat? How many calories are right for you? What changes should you make to lead a healthier lifestyle? - There’s no single answer to these important questions. Every one of us is unique. Our body types, activity levels, food preferences, nutrition concerns and health profiles are as individual as our personalities. UCI Hospitality & Dining supports individual health concerns and diets by providing information and knowledge that is necessary to make informed food choices in our dining locations through such tools as MyFitnessPal, Just4U and ChooseMyPlate. Learn how to utilize UCI Hospitality & Dining’s resources to make informed decisions at on campus locations and join UCI Hospitality & Dining Chef Kit of UCI Pippin Commons for a healthy cooking demo and lunch.

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