Healthy Recipes from Health & Fitness Fridays brought to you by Campus Recreation as part of UCI LivingWell.

Health & Fitness Friday Recipes (2017-2018)    
Homemade Italian Chicken Sausage Double Chocolate Chip Cookie
White Bean Cabbage Soup with Chicken Sausage  
Health & Fitness Friday Recipes (2016-2017)    
Asian Chopped Salad Asian Rice Noodle Salad
Easy Chewy Granola Bars Healthy Carrot Cake
Oatmeal Bisquick Mix Overnight Focaccia
Pancake Apple Rings Shakshuka, Middle Eastern Egg in Tomato Sauce w/Greens & Grain
Dinner Lunch Dessert/Snacks - Sweet
African Peanut Stew Beet Salad w/Citrus Yogurt Dressing Apple Jell-O
Black Bean Soup Healing Broth Baklava Cigars w/Syrup
Cauliflower Bread Sticks Lemon Scented Red Lentil Soup Cranberry Apple Muffins
Chicken w/Ear Wood Fungus, Shitake & Lily Buds Marinated Cauliflower Crispy Dark Chocolate Banana Rolls
Ethiopian Chicken & Chicken Stew Pickled Cucumbers Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies
Italian Canaletto Bean Stew Dessert/Snacks - Savory Healthier Chocolate Muffins
LotusBurdock Salad w/Five Grain Rice Indian Spiced Chicken Kebabs Thai Coconut Stickey Rice Mango
Moroccan Roasted Vegetable Plate Lemon Zucchini Garbanzo Quinoa Patties Whole Wheat Apple Empanadas
Quinoa Stuffed Chili Relleno Marinated Chicken Kebabs Sauces/Vinagrette
Singaporean Curry Rice Noodles   Agave Lime Dressing/Chipotle Avocado Sauce
Springtime Risotto    
Spring Vegetable Ragout    
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