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WAITLISTING for a sport (new procedure)

Please Note: By registering your team for a “Waitlist,” you are not Waitlisting that specific time. You will be added to the Waitlist “pool” and added to any available league at the Manager’s Meeting that is not currently full, or will be added to a newly created league day/time if all available league times have filled up. It is better to find an open time and join/pay for that division.

1. What Sports do you offer?

Leagues: Flag Football, 5-on-5 Basketball, 3-on-3 Basketball, Outdoor Soccer, Arena Soccer, Indoor Soccer, Volleyball, Softball, Olympic Team Handball.

Tournaments: Cornhole, Tennis, Dodgeball, Racquetball, One-Pitch Softball, Wrestling Meet, Badminton, 4-on-4 Volleyball, Track Meet, Ping Pong, 4-on-4 Flag Football, Golf.

View sports offered by quarter.

2. What are Intramural Sports?

The Intramural Sports program gives the UCI community (students, faculty, and staff) the opportunity to compete against one another in various sport leagues and tournaments.

League sports include 5 weeks of pool play and another 3 weeks of playoffs. Tournaments can be either single elimination or double elimination formats and shorter in length lasting a day or two depending on the number of entries.

3. I just transferred here, how do I get involved in Intramural Sports?

If you're a freshman or a transfer student who would like to get involved with Intramural Sports, stop by Campus Recreation Services (2nd floor, ARC) and sign up as a free agent. Attend the manager’s meeting of that sport to get rules and information.

At the managers meeting the IM staff will try to get you on a team or form a team of all free agents. We can not guarantee a spot on a team but we will try our best to find you one.

4. What types of levels are there?

= Intermediate to Competitive
“B” = Novice to Intermediate
“Open” = all playing levels

Men’s – all male teams
Women’s – all female teams
CoRec – equal number males and females (special rules),
Housing – a member of that specific Housing Community

5. How do I register my team?

Register your team at Campus Recreation Services (2nd Floor, ARC) or online. Registration opens the end of the quarter before and ends 2nd week (Monday at midnight online and Tuesday 5pm at the ARC). After the deadline there will be a late fee charged to each team.

Free Agents: May fill out an oline fomr and then attend the manager's meeting for the sport interested in - spring registrations will begin in March.

6. What is the Manager's responsibility?

The manager is responsible for attending the mandatory manager's meeting, relaying the sport rules, ARC policies, and other information discussed at the meeting to teammates. He/she is also responsible for being the mediator of the team and his/her fans.

Checking the dates and times of your scheduled games (playoffs included) and ensure enough members will be there to avoid a forfeit and cooperating with Intramural staff is another important part of being the manager.

7. Where can I get more information:?

More information can be found:

8. Who makes playoffs?

Teams with a .500 record or better and have a sportsmanship rating of a 2.5 or better are eligible for playoffs.

9. Who is eligible for Intramural Sports?

Only current UCI students and faculty/staff with an ARC membership are eligible to participate in Intramural Sports.

10. Who is not eligible for Intramural Sports?

Alumni, UCI affiliates, community members and students from other UC schools are not eligible to participate in Intramural Sports here at UC Irvine.

11. How do I join the Intramural Staff?

The Intramural department is always looking for good quality employees. Being part of the IM staff is fun, a great way to meet new people and you get paid for it. The Intramural Staff is looking for students who are interested in becoming a Sport Official.

Stop by the ARC (2nd floor) during the first week of each quarter and ask the sales desk personnel for an employee application form. Pick up a flyer with the entire official’s meeting dates and times. Fill out the employee application form, attend the sport meeting of your choice, attend the court clinics and get all your government paperwork done and you’ll be part of the IM Staff in no time.

All of the meetings and court clinics are mandatory for employment.

For more information, contact Director of Intramural Sports,Andy Christopher.