UCI Campus Recreation - Personal Trainer Carolyn Reynolds


BS Kinesiology & Exercise Physiology, California State University, Fullerton, CA


Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), NSCA
American Heart Association Adult First Aid/CPR/AED certified


Chris is working toward becoming a Physical Therapist. In 2014 he completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology. He is now completing pre-requisite science courses required before admission into an accredited Doctorate of Physical Therapy program.


Chris is an avid surfer and strongly believes that surfing requires what he calls a ‘growth mindset’, which translates into every aspect of his life. Surfing has taught him valuable lessons in patience, how he structures his day (and what he achieves with it), how to be a better communicator, and how to appreciate nature.


Chris, has over a year's experience working as both an aide and intern in the physical therapy setting. He has worked with a wide range of age groups. Chris has experience in the design of exercise programs that are both safe and effective for a variety of clients and their specific goals. Whether it is a client who is going through rehabilitation, or one that is looking to improve on their physical fitness, he strives to create individualized programs that keep their interest and motivation on track. He himself has dealt with injuries such as a shoulder impingement, which would often interfere with his ability to enjoy one of his great passions—surfing. Initially, he was frustrated by the common shoulder overuse injury that often plagues watermen and women alike, but quickly developed a rehabilitation-like exercise plan for himself that allows him to continue doing what he loves without sacrificing his functionality. He takes great interest in sports related injuries and is committed to using his knowledge of movement sciences to help individuals overcome—even prevent—unnecessary set-backs.


Chris operates on a bottom-up based philosophy. In other words, he believes that every successful exercise program is dependent on the foundation upon which it was built; a weak foundation or lack of understanding often leads to injury, frustration and possibly even abandonment of an exercise program. Providing a strong foundation, on the other hand, enables individuals to overcome obstacles one at a time and maintain a positive outlook throughout the entire process. Each of his programs begins by reinforcing simple yet beneficial movements and gradually introduces more complex and demanding exercises to challenge the person as they progress toward their goals.

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