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3 ½ years at Charles University School of Medicine pursuing degree in orthopedic surgery.
In athletics, national teams’ player in team handball, basketball and track and field.
Olympic Champion in women’s discus throw event.
In total of 5 Olympic Games represented first Czechoslovakia, then the United States.
Writer, lecturer and instructor: general conditioning and sport-specific training methods.


Specialist in Exercise Therapy. Accredited by International Sports Sciences Association.
Fitness Specialist. Accredited by Orange Coast College.
Office Ergonomics. Accredited by Pro Trainings, LLC.
Workplace Ergonomics. Accredited by Pro Trainings, LLC.
CPR/AED/FIRST AID. Accredited by Pro Trainings, LLC.


Czechoslovak National Team member in team handball, basketball, track and field.
Olympic Champion in the women’s discus throw, Melbourne, 1956.
Five-time U.S. National Champion, women’s discus throw.
Competitor in the women’s discus throw, Olympic Games 1956, 1960, 1964, 1968, 1972.


Everyone is unique. No single method fits all. Holistic approach is best because it addresses the unity of body-mind and soul that makes possible healthful adjustments to individuals’ lifestyles. Moderate, but steady progress makes training intensity enjoyable. Laughter is a fine oxygenator and stress reducer. I teach body alignment, effective natural breathing, smooth balance control, strengthening that facilitates post-injury or chronic strain repairs, self-confidence, and judicious use of revitalized power.

Our trainers are certified by nationally recognized programs such as American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), or National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and set the standard in the fitness industry for their knowledge and education.

To better serve you, we select trainers with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and interests to provide you the opportunity of finding a trainer that best fits your needs and availability
    •   Mark Adkins
    •   LaVonne Beacom
    •   Janina Emery
    •   Alana Hodge
    •   Matthew Kendrick
    •   Phuoc Ngo
    •   Haylesh Patel
    •   Carolyn Reynolds
    •   Yvony Richards
    •   Merritt Robinson
    •   Jeff Rother
    •   Byron Spain
    •   Zurich Solomon
    •   Jonathan Tam
    •   Araceli Velasco
    •   Nesve Yaylar
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