Anteaters at Home
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Free exercise videos you can use Outdoor Resources
STRONG by Zumba
This is a 30 minute cardio strength workout from Zumba (no dancing).

CorePower Yoga
Free videos of yoga classes Keep Up Your Practice - CorePower Yoga On Demand

Lulu Lemon
A 45 minute HIIT workout combined with low intensity

Mamba Sports Academy
An 8 minute body weight workout

Pvolve on Instagram
Short daily videos of exercise, mindfulness, and stretching vids Fitness Evolved.
Patagonia: What you can do from home

UC Riverside Outdoor Short Story Club

Banff Film Festival

10 Awesome Outdoor Documentaries

Climbing Yosemite National Park Video (more videos)

Nature & Water Meditation

Why Nature is Good for your Mental Health
Free apps with workouts Free workout designs - on your own
Nike Training Club
A free app with professional workouts that you can follow Nike Training Club App. Home Workouts & More.

24 Hour Fitness
Free App to do workouts at home. 24GO

Free trial for 90 days with a variety of workouts Peloton® | Exercise Bike With Indoor Cycling Classes Streamed Live & On-Demand
Lifetime Fitness - Short workout designs that you can do on your own

Onnit - Workout designs that you can do on your own.

Muscle and Strength - Description and instructions for a complete full body workout

Catalyst Athletics
Guides to better Olympic Weightlifting Olympic Weightlifting Articles / Olympic Weightlifting - Catalyst Athletics
Fitness Tips from Campus Rec  
Home Strength for Dummies
By Alex Vazquez (WorkStrong Coordinator - Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist)

5 Running Tips for Beginners
By Kali Sudbrook (WorkStrong Director - Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach)

Esports for Dummies
By Haylesh Patel (UCI eSports Exercise Physiologist)