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Student fees supply about 30% of the clubs revenue leaving it up to the individual team to supply the rest.  Whether you are a club parent, club alumni, community partner, or just a sports fanatic, your support can play a powerful role in the Anteater Club Sport Program.  Your financial support can assist our Club Sport Program in areas such as league dues/tournament entry fees, travel, purchase of equipment, and help clubs attend regional and national competitions.

The community, alumni, parents, and friends play an instrumental role in the success of the Anteater Club Sport Program; you help to build a stronger future for the Anteater Club Sport athletes with every contribution.  We appreciate everyone who supports us, and we put every cent given to the best possible use.

If you would like to donate to your favorite Club, please download and complete the Anteater Club Sport Donation Card (pdf), then mail to:

                    Anteater Club Sport Program
                    ATTN: Adrienne Buckingham
                    680 California Avenue
                    Irvine, CA 92697

Contributions and gifts are tax deductible.

We can also accept certain gifts and services that would reduce expenses. 

Please contact Club Sport Director Megan Guilfoyle if you would like to provide a gift in kind.

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