Fitness & Wellness Series

Tuesday, February 2nd: Sleep and Restoration
Dispelling misinformation about sleep and naps. How much sleep do I need? What is more important, quantity or quality? Tips, tools and resources for crafting your perfect nighttime routine.
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Tuesday, February 16th: Meditation
Learn simple yet effective meditations that encourage deep and restful sleep.
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Tuesday, March 2nd: Nutrition (fuel for success)
An overview of what we need to function optimally. Water intake, caffeine intake, snacks, timing of food. Videos from ARC Chef, Jessica Van Roo (recipes, ideas, meal prep)
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Tuesday, March 16th: Breathwork
Breathwork: Breathing techniques can increase your energy, leaving you clear and focused, or they can calm your nervous system, allowing you to work with a sense of ease. Learn and master a variety of easy and fun breathing practices to use at any time during the day.
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Tuesday, April 6th: How to set up your office space
Ergonomics setup at home. Resources from UCI EH&S.
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Tuesday, April 20th: Yoga
Practice easy and fun yoga postures that you can do sitting and standing, in order to keep your spine healthy, and your body feeling spacious and light.
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Tuesday, May 4th: High Performance office work
Mouse type, grip and settings. Typing skills/type racer/touch typing. Warm up, cooldown and stretching breaks.
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Tuesday, May 18th: Yoga
Let's practice all of the techniques we learned! First, we will start with a gentle yoga flow featuring strength and balancing poses, then we will connect to our breath and encourage long, slow, deep diaphragmatic breathing, and finally we will end with a meditation that helps us to become more loving and kind toward ourselves and others.
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Many of us are working in awkward, cramped spaces within our household or working long shifts on-site. Juggling parental duties, lecturing, Zoom meetings, all whilst neglecting our own health, physical activity, and wellbeing. Campus Recreation and UCIEsports have partnered with UCI HR Wellness to support UCI employees by offering a new virtual seminar series that focuses on optimizing your personal health and wellness. This series will arm you with tips, tools and resources that you can implement into your daily routine to help increase your energy, efficiency, reduce the incidence of injury and make you feel great.

Seminars will be held on the first and third Tuesdays of each month at noon, February through May 2021.