Developing healthy habits and mindful minds at the University of California, Irvine

Program Dates: Wednesday, October 21st - Tuesday, November 17th

Strong-U is a four week program for students, designed like a scavenger hunt, to promote healthy habits.  

This program will include 20 missions.  There are three types of missions: physical exercises, nutritious foods, and mindfulness exercises.  

The important thing is to keep a consciousness of healthy behaviors, and to practice those behaviors as often as possible.  There will be just one mission for each behavior, but we encourage you to make them a part of your regular routine.

The top 400 scores will receive a Strong U t-shirt, available at the Anteater Recreation Center.  And all of those who submit every day will be put into a drawing for an Apple Watch.  Anyone can participate, but only those with a email address are eligible for prizes.

To participate download the GooseChase app to your smart-phone.  You’ll submit your photos and videos from the app on the phone.  You can find the game on the app with the following code: KKLGQ4.   The name of the game is: UCI Strong-U Fall 2020.

  Additional Information:
The missions are simple, such as, submitting a photo of a serving of spinach, or a video of yourself doing ten push-ups, and most take about a minute to complete.  Of course you can modify the missions based on your own condition.  For example, if you’re allergic to spinach, you can submit a photo of a serving of another nutritious food, such as broccoli.  If you aren’t able to do push-ups.  You can submit a video of jogging in place, and so on.  Each mission will start at 7:00am, and end at 8:00am the following morning, except the first three will have a longer window for participation.  There’s only one chance to complete that mission within the time frame.  Then we'll move on to the next mission.  You can start your participation any time within the four week window, but you can complete all of the missions only if you begin my Monday October 26.  After a mission is closed, it’s closed to everyone.