Fusion Classes
Strength & Yoga Flow  
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  Check Back Fall 2019  
Description: Get a total body workout with the metabolic boost of strength training combined with active recovery Vinyasa poses in between sets with the goal to boost lean muscle mass and flexibility. Lift, breathe, stretch, and repeat. You’ll leave feeling super strong and chilled out.
Muscle Recovery 101  
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Description: Take some time to show your muscles some TLC after all that hard work in strength training, HIIT, or cardio sessions. Utilizing various implements and self-mobilization techniques for myofascial release, you’ll be guided though a 1.5 hour long class to target specific problem areas of the ankles, knees, hips, back and shoulders. You will learn ways to stay in the game to not only feel better, but perform better too. Walk in feeling sore, walk out feeling recovered.
HIIT + Baseline Breathing  
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Description: Be prepared to kill some calories in this HIIT class that combines treadmills and rowers for improved cardiovascular strength and endurance with functional exercises to improve muscle strength and balance. The intervals will leave you huffing and puffing for air, but the guided recovery breathing demo at the end will allow