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How did Step Up UCI get started?
In 2005, the Campus Recreation staff set two goals: to better connect with faculty and staff, and to do our part to increase the overall fitness and wellness of the campus community. A popular way to achieve these goals is through walking programs, and it seemed natural to connect with Human Resources to work together to best meet the needs of faculty and staff. Not only were they receptive, they too had begun to explore the idea in regard to employee wellness initiatives. After several meetings this past fall, Step Up UCI was created, the program was announced during open enrollment, and the Kickoff Event was scheduled to coincide with the new quarter (and those New Year’s Resolutions!).

The following staff members have been instrumental in bringing Step Up UCI to life:
  John Halsey Campus Recreation
  Suzanne Powell Campus Recreation
  Mike Puritz Campus Recreation
  Jill Schindele Campus Recreation
  Joe Walsh Human Resources

In addition to employee wellness initiatives, Human Resources and Campus Recreation are also addressing campus safety, as part of the newly-formed Campus Safety and Wellness Initiative group. Employees from Human Resources, Campus Recreation, Facilities Management, Campus Police, and Environmental Health and Safety comprise this group.

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