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Welcome to Step Up UCI 2010-2011
A wellness program for the faculty and staff of UCIspace
UCI Campus Recreation - Step Up UCI 2017-18
Congrats to the FitBit Winners!
UCI Campus: Assia Meriem Ghoul, Angela Miu, Burt Alvaro Slusher, Chun-Chung Choi, Kym Toombs, Pauline Baytion Chantakrivat, Jane Asuka Shigaki, Evie Dolores Anderson, Christine Aguilar, Line Axelle Hofmann
UCI Health: Ajlana Osmanagic, Venera M Cota, Debbie Ravlin-Smith, Geeta Manish Patel, Janet Albarran, John Anthony White, Lisa Doan, Alejandra Novoa-Vargas, Peggy Yeung, Susan Baer
The Step Up UCI program is designed to encourage participants to begin or increase physical activity. As with any new or increased physical activity, risks are involved. It is recommended that you consult with your personal physician prior to starting any exercise program or participating in Step Up UCI.