UCI Campus Recreation - Team Building Options

Do you work with groups not affiliated with UCI?

We do! We were built to serve the UCI community, but we offer our services to any groups who want to experience our educational programming.

What should we bring with us to the event?

Please refer to our Participant Prep Info sheet, found on our ‘Booking and Forms’ page, about how to best prepare for our program.

Should I tell my group members we are doing a high ropes course, or will that scare them from attending?

We request you do inform them about the program you booked so they can be both physically and mentally prepared for it. No one is obligated to do the high ropes course, but if booked for the group, they will have the opportunity to participate on it as they see fit. Refer to Challenge by Choice on our Philosophy and Benefits page.

What restrictions are there for your program/ropes course?

-Our minimum age limit is 11 years old or 6th grade. It isn't a hard line in the sand, just needed to set a bar for a level of maturity and social awareness that helps people gain the most from our programming.

-The zipline hydraulic systems have a weight range of 50 to 250 pounds. Please speak with your Lead Facilitator if your weight falls outside of this range to discuss alternative options for exiting the course. Your weight does not impact your accessibility to the rest of the Odyssey High Ropes Course, as long as our safety equipment fits comfortably and participant can perform a self-rescue at our ground school (stand back up on cable if hanging on safety ropes). Lessons given by facilitators.

When do I get waivers for your program, and when do you need them?

You will receive a program-specific waiver once your event details are confirmed and booked, it will be emailed so you can share with all participants. Minors (under 18 years of age) will need a parental/guardian signature as well. We ask that you bring all signed waivers with you to your event so your facilitators can double check them before the event begins.

Is there a fee for parking?

Yes, there is a separate cost for parking. Parking is $1/hour or $10/day – each vehicle can pay upon its arrival at the parking permit kiosk in our lot (the garage parking permit kiosk is $2/hour, but permits from both kiosks are good for the lot or garage) Parking locations are noted on our provided map.

We are interested in having a meal before/after the event, what options are available at your facilities?

You have a few options. Please note that catering must be arranged by you, please share that info with us so we are aware and ready for it.
1) We can host the meal at our course (bleacher seating, tables, and pop-ups provided), and you can bring your own food with you. Our course location will be open for 30 minutes after the event has finished, then my staff will start closing down the area.
2) We can host the meal at our course, and you can have a caterer provide boxed lunches (must be an approved caterer for UCI campus. This is the campus Hospitality & Dining page, it lists approved vendors for UCI Campus).
3) You could rent a space inside the Anteater Recreation Center to host the meal (conference rooms, a classroom with more space and big window, the pool deck). Check out these spaces on our website at: http://www.campusrec.uci.edu/custom/includes/FacilityGuide.pdf
4) There are off-site locations next to campus in the University Town Center with multiple options to visit.

What type of ground-based activities and challenges will we be doing?

We have a plethora of activities to choose from, and we base our decisions on your responses to our Needs Assessment. We’ll consider your goals for the experience, group demographics, and participant abilities/restrictions (i.e. pregnant or limited mobility due to cast/boot) to choose the best fitting challenges. Some examples can be found on our Tools and Resources page.

Can I choose what ground activities my group will do?

We don’t provide a full list of activity names because each one would need a description, and even with that it can be hard to visualize how it looks and feels for the participants. If you have experience with team building activities you are more than welcome to request specific challenges and your likes/dislikes of them so we are better prepared in our selections.

What if there is rain in the forecast, or rains while we are there?

We are able to run our programming in light rain, as long as the participants are prepared for it and other conditions aren’t miserable (wind, temp). If conditions are worse, than we can move our programming indoors and continue our ground-based programming. If there is a storm in the forecast, you are welcome to reschedule your event date up to 3 business days before the original event date with no fee.

Are there space rentals to host meetings/meals/our own activities in the Anteater Rec Center (ARC)?

Yes there are! Please refer to our Facility Rental Guide here: http://www.campusrec.uci.edu/custom/includes/FacilityGuide.pdf

What are the allowable payment methods?

We accept credit card (Visa and Mastercard), check, or cash. For UCI groups we also do department recharges. More information on these methods will be included with the contract.

For more information, please contact Jason Ryba.