This team challenge course, standing 50 feet high and 360 feet long, will inspire your team to support one another, communicate effectively, problem-solve efficiently, build cohesive relationships, and take calculated risks.

Team members begin by ascending a giant cargo net to reach the starting tree house. Once they have reached the tree house, they traverse through several problem-solving challenges to reach the peak ending platform where each person has an opportunity to experience a 120 foot zip line.

The Odyssey Course provides for flexible programming that can focus along a variety of client needs from recreation to intensive team building. It challenges the group to stretch the boundaries of their comfort zone and work together with the whole team up in the air thus truly involving and engaging everyone in the experience. This leads to great learning opportunities as well as more fun.

The Odyssey Course is designed to build self-confidence, teamwork, communication, awareness of strengths and limitations, trust, respect for others and coping skills for dealing with anxiety and stress.

UCI Campus Recreation - the Odyssey Course Picture

UCI Campus Recreation - the Odyssey Course Picture