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UCI Campus Recreation - Team Up! Philosopy & Outcomes Picture

What is Experiential Education?

Using appropriate, challenge-based activities as a means to human growth and development has become an increasingly useful methodology in human service fields. Participants are encouraged to participate in experiential learning opportunities, potentially leading to group and personal growth. The purposeful use of reflective processing throughout the experiences are offered to provide insightful learning that can be applied to everyday life far beyond the activities themselves. Reasonably safe programming consistent with currently accepted practices is provided in an effort to promote positive growth experiences for all who are served.

  • Embracing challenge and risk is essential for growth
  • Extraordinary potential exists within every team
  • Healthy laughter is healing
  • Diversity is strength
  • Attitude is paramount
  • Shared experiences are vital for team growth
  • Growth Mindset

Full Value Contract © *

Developed by Project Adventure, the principles of the Full Value Contract are integral to many adventure programs. A Full Value Contract is an agreement that creates an emotionally and physically safe environment supported by all group members.
All versions of the Full Value Contract ask the group:
  1. To understand and/or create safe and respectfuly behavioral norms under which it will operate
  2. for a commitment to those norms by everyone in the group
  3. to accept a shared responsiblity for the maintenance of those norms
While the principles of the Full Value Contract are consistent throughout all Project Adventure programs, the exact wording of the FVC has evolved over time. That there are many variations and that the Full Value Contract continues to evolve underscores its value and importance as a versatile learning tool.

Challenge by Choice © * - We believe that learning and growth are best achieved through the willing participation of the learner. Although we do ask participants to challenge themselves in our programs, participants can choose their own level of challenge within any particular activity.

*Full Value Commitment and Challenge by Choice are both protected service marks of Project Adventure and
are used on this website with permission from Project Adventure.

Proposed Benefits

  • Enhanced Team Performance
  • Building Trust and Support
  • Quality Improvement
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Leadership Development
  • Improving Problem-Solving
  • Managing Change
  • Enhance self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Shared common experience, beyond the daily routine

For more information, please contact Nico Falabella