BS Kinesiology & Exercise Physiology, California State University, Long Beach, CA


NASM Certified Personal Fitness Trainer 
First Aid/CPR certified
Functional Movement Specialist 


Carolyn had the privilege of working in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years. She worked with The Sports Club Company right out of college for 10 years on the Fitness Management Team and as a Personal Trainer. Carolyn created hundreds of fitness programs for people with various skills and abilities. Carolyn incorporates the medicine ball and stability ball into her clients’ workouts to improve core strength and endurance. Balance work and flexibility training is part of every workout.


"Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live." -Jim Rohn

"The difference between a goal and a dream is a deadline." -Steve Smith


As a child, Carolyn was not like the other kids. She was not able to walk until the age of three years old because of a congenital hip issue and multiple surgeries. The scar on her left leg was not only skin deep, but her confidence in herself was also scarred. She was not athletic, she was overweight and shy. Carolyn is so thankful that she joined the fitness craze in the 80‘s which started her own fitness path. 

From 2008 to 2012, Carolyn experienced many medical issues that caused her to be fatigued and less active. As a fitness professional, she was out-of-shape and knew she had to make some changes. She decided to change her health future! The morning of January 1, 2012 she weighed 160+ pounds. Carolyn started walking a little bit every day, made healthy food choices, and began her meditation practice. She lost 25 pounds in 4 months and feels great again! In 2013, Carolyn achieved her goal of walking ONE MILLION STEPS (500 miles!) In 90 days! 

Carolyn is a role model to those who have resigned themselves to be out-of-shape because of their age. She loves to inspire people to achieve their own healthy transformations. Carolyn believes that “You can Live the Life you want to Live” by investing in yourself and creating a healthy lifestyle plan. 

Personal achievement that changed her life: 
-Backpacking in Spain, Portugal and The Canary Islands for 5 weeks on her own
-Rock climbing 
-The Mud Run 
-OC 1/2 Marathon
When you challenge yourself, you will expand your possibilities to better health.    


Fun and adventure outside of the gym to maintain an active lifestyle.

-Carolyn and her husband love to travel - visiting 43 of the 50 states (traveled 38 states in their RV). International travels include Canada, Australia,
  New Zealand, Fiji,Spain, Italy, Portugal and Canary Islands and more.
-Riding our H-D motorcycle from the coast to the mountains.
-Walking, hiking, dancing and listen to all types of music
-Cooking amazing food and trying out healthy new recipes


Carolyn believes that exercise and good nutrition are the prescription for a healthy life. Her workouts and training focuses on functional be fit for everyday living.

-When a person chooses a healthy lifestyle goal/challenge and they commit to it, then they will get results.
-A personal health challenge needs to be emotional and measurable.
-A detailed commitment and “why” they want results, gives them a reason to workout.
-Motivation is created in the process.
-The process creates personal accomplishment!
-Repeat! Set another health challenge.
Continue to challenge yourself to Live the Life you want to Life with not regrets!

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