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Dhafir studied sports management as a collegiate athlete (baseball) at Triton College in Illinois and Central State University in Ohio


Certified Health Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutritio


Dhafir is most proud of the many youth he had a hand in developing into elite athletes. He also has a track record of improving the health and well-being of his clients’ lives many who presented with chronic conditions and physical limitations. Dhafir co-led the health and wellness ministry at his church and ran a business as an independent personal trainer for the last 10 years. Serving his community, especially underserved youth, has been a passion of his throughout his career.


As a Chicago native, Dhafir has 22 years of experience in the personal training industry. He has thrived in both corporate and boutique gym settings. He has trained numerous elite high school, college, and professional athletes in various sports including professional basketball, baseball, boxing and hockey. In addition to specializing in strength and conditioning of athletes, he also has extensive experience with the general population including expectant mothers to senior citizens to everything in between. He has in depth experience in proactively combatting inflammation and has shadowed an orthopedic surgeon where he consulted on balance and core strength while simultaneously learning about sports injuries and alternatives to surgery. He also trained and hosted platforms for various law enforcement training modules including the DEA’s Matlz Challenge. Finally, Dhafir has specialized knowledge in nutraceuticals, vitamins, and supplements.


Enjoys movies from the Avengers, Bond, and Sherlock Holmes franchises, playing sports video games, and spending time with his wife and son.


Dhafir believes in an integrative approach to health that includes a methodical and scientific approach to personal training that always incorporates nutrition. Working with Dhafir means a focus on results, flexibility, and nutrition. Expect to stretch and hear about his latest smoothie recommendation.

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