MSc in Exercise Science
Post-Graduate Diploma in Exercise Rehabilitation
BSc in Sport and Exercise Science


Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist - American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
Advanced cardiac life support - EMCARE NZ
Basic cardiac life support - American Heart Association


Haylesh is a Clinical Exercise Physiologist, which basically means he has a wide knowledge base and understanding of what happens to body during various states of physical activity in different environments and knows how to get the maximum potential from the body.
Haylesh has been fortunate to have experience working with a wide variety of people from diverse backgrounds and different physical starting points. Prior to moving to California, Haylesh worked for 4 years in a health and performance clinic where he provided strength and conditioning, rehabilitation and other exercise related services to clinical populations (cardiac, neurological, musculoskeletal), elite athletes and the general public looking to get healthy and improve their overall fitness. He has experience working with a whole spectrum of clients from providing youth conditioning for aspiring future athletes through to helping a 91 year old who is looking to maintain their health and fitness.


Haylesh believes that since everyone is unique, so should your exercise program be. He believes that health, wellness and performance is accessible to everyone that wishes to attain it, and he is passionate about helping people achieve their goals. There are many benefits to being physically activity that are not only physical in nature and have a huge effect on the overall health and wellness of a person.


Haylesh is originally from Auckland, New Zealand and he moved to California in 2014. He grew up playing field hockey competitively from his childhood and through to his university years. He enjoys spending his spare time drinking delicious coffee, hiking, video games, playing with dogs and working out, of course.

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