UCI Campus Recreation - Personal Trainer Alana Hodge


Education B.A. Business Administration:
York University Canada

University of Texas
Langston University


ACSM health and fitness instructor
Certified ACE Group Fitness Instructor
Certified Personal Trainer, AFAA
American Red Cross CPR and First-Aid Certification
Boxing NSAC Nevada State Athletic commission
USA Boxing Member
E.O.S Ups Boxing Coach
Coach: Brickhouse Boxing Club Las Vegas


I love to help teach beginners and advanced boxers to trust the “sweet science” of boxing, and watch the transformation of growth and achievement, my goal with each client is to allow them to trust themselves to learn and, believe. You will get faster, stronger, Ripped and we will have a blast getting you where you need to be 20 years of Boxing/teaching, Footwork/Hand speed mit-work heavy bag speed bag training.
Boxing Instructor, Conditioning, Cardio, weight loss/Nutrition Owner “Camp Me” Beach Boxing Club – Honolulu, HI Boxing Instructor-YMCA – Hollywood, CA Equinox Boxing instructor class cardio


Being an Entrepreneur Zurich loves solving problems in the community he lives in and other communities that don’t look like his. Elderly community, urban development is where you will find Zurich helping bridge gaps that effect us all.


This is one of the most important lessons my students can learn from me about the art of Boxing, whether we’re talking about Combat, wrestling, or jiu-jitsu. Proper technique provides inordinately more benefit than being either strong or fast. I’ve watched a 80-pound, teenaged girl absolutely trounce a 180-pound, adult man because she knew how to properly perform her attacks and defenses, while he did not. Learn right once your never know anything else. “Life is Short and Beautiful why go home with a busted lip someone has to kiss it”

Our trainers are certified by nationally recognized programs such as American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), or National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and set the standard in the fitness industry for their knowledge and education.

To better serve you, we select trainers with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and interests to provide you the opportunity of finding a trainer that best fits your needs and availability
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    •   Alana Hodge
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