UCOP Smart Break - Cheer Up
University of California, Office of the President

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Cheer Up UCOP - Everyone encounters stress. There are simple activities you can do to mitigate the harmful effects of stress. Here are several stretegies that you can do as part of your Smart Break.

Take a quick look at the Introduction Video to get started on how to use the videos.

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Stress Management Basics Video

Breathing Exercises  
  1. Diaphragmatic Breathing   6. Fire Breathing
  2. 4x4 Breathing   7. 3 Part Breath
  3. Shitali Breathing   8. Full Body Yoga Breathing 1 Child's Pose
  4. Ujjayi (Ocean) Breathing   9. Full Body Yoga Breathing 2 Bridge
  5. Alternate Nostril Breathing
  1. Wonderful Moment Meditation 6. Welcoming All Experience Meditation
  2. Breathing Mindfulness 7. The Tree
  3. Loving Kindness Meditation 8. The Beach
  4. Breathing Relaxation Meditation 9. Qi-gong Breathing & Meditation
  5. Mindfulness Meditation
Attitude Elevators
  1. Gratitude Journal 4. Laughter
  2. Puppies 5. Repetitive Rythmic Activity
  3. Kittens

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