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Horizontal Rule
Limber Up UCOP - Maintaining flexibility can help mitigate muscle imbalances and improve overall fitness. These flexibility exercises can easily be done anywhere you work and turn any break into a Smart Break.

Take a quick look at the Introduction Video to get started on how to use the videos.

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Upper Body Lower Body
  1. Head Neck   1. Hip Rotation, Adductor, Abductor
  2. Shoulders   2. Hamstring
  3. Back (Rotation, Lengthen and Release)   3. Quads
  4. Wrist, Forearms, Fingers   4. Lower Leg, Calves, Ankle, Feet
  5. Side Stretch, Chest and Abs 5. Hip Flexors
Limbering Exercises
  1. Transverse Myofascia Chains  
  2. Anterior/Posterior Myofascia Chains  
  3. Lateral Myofascia Chains  
Deeper Full Body Stretches
  1. Yoga Shoulder Opening 4. Bridges/Figure 4
  2. Sun Salutation 5. Standing Twists
  3. Triangle Poses  

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