The WorkStrong program is a UC campus-wide initiative that was created to help decrease costs associated with worker’s compensation claims. Our Occupational Health doctors will refer eligible faculty or staff members who have experienced a worksite injury to our experts at Campus Recreation. WorkStrong is a free and comprehensive program that is designed to meet the specific needs of each client. Our goal is to provide a fun and challenging environment for education, awareness and improved health. Our mission is to empower WorkStrong clients with new knowledge and behaviors to support their health and well-being for a brilliant future.
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WorkStrong Brochure

For more information, please contact the WorkStrong Coordinator, Kali Sudbrook.



Depending on the injury and client’s needs, we will implement a WorkStrong program that may include some, or all of the following:
  • Fitness & Post Rehab training with certified trainers and professionals designed to either promote recovery from injury, or just improved fitness. Participants will learn injury prevention strategies and exercises. A postural assessment will help our trainers design an exercise program and track progress.
        Fitness Testing
        Personal Training

  • Nutrition & Weight Management training and consultationto get (or keep) participants in tip top shape. Our registered dietician will assess the client’s current diet and eating habits and provide strategies to make healthier choices. The workouts with one of our certified personal trainers will also help maximize the results of an improved diet.
        My Fitness Pal Nutrition & Exercise Tracking
        ARC Cooking Classes

  • Life balance and stress reduction strategies, modalities and activities. We offer Yoga and Tai Chi which can help decompress those who may be wound tight after a stressful day. Our goal is to teach clients to increase awareness about stress levels so that it can be more easily managed. We also have massage therapy for the aches and pains from past or present injuries. We provide help on accessing the campus Employee Assistance Program.
        ARC Massage Therapy
        ARC Yoga Classes

  • Workplace safety assessment and consultation to ensure our clients are working in a comfortable and safe environment. Ergonomic assessments can be performed to maximize comfort level while at work and determine the need for additional tools.
        Ergonomic Evaluations
        Employee and Labor Relations Staff in Human Resources
        California Whistleblower Act Information for UCI
        Mediation Services

  • Behavior modification strategies to help clients be more productive and ditch those time-wasting and energy-sapping habits.
        Employee Assistance Program
        Faculty & Staff UP's Programs

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