Certified Personal Trainer
UCI Campus Recreation - WorkStrong Personal Training Picture


B.S. Kinesiology, California State University, Fullerton
M.S. Kinesiology in Progress, California State University, Fullerton


Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), NSCA
Currently working towards Precision Nutrition Certification
American Heart Association Adult First Aid/CPR/AED certified


Brooke was on the Dean’s List multiple semesters while obtaining her Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology. Halfway through with her master’s program, she has gained application experience simultaneously on the side (whether that be through training or spending time self-developing and learning), in striving towards her goals. Knowing how to apply concepts learned is just as important, if not more, in understanding what she’s learning. She’s helped multiple clients obtain their goals whether they be weight loss or sport performance related. Being an “all-purpose trainer,” comfortable and confident to train any type of population in any circumstance, is a top achievement (along with education of course). Naturally a “people-person,” clients naturally trust and open up to Brooke allowing her to help them in reaching their goals.


Brooke has over 5 years of experience working with a wide range of individuals, including special populations such as the following: obese and overweight, youth, middle-aged, elderly, athletes, and rehab/injury prevention clients. Training experience includes the following: personal training, group training, boot camps, and athletic performance training. In the last couple of years, Brooke has been focused on improving the health and well-being of individuals with a focus on mobility and identifying weaknesses in movement patterns – through the Functional Movement Screen as well as other methods. The purpose in this is helping those improve their quality of life and prevent injury. One of Brooke’s qualities as a trainer is the capability to welcome any client into her training, and help him/her achieve their goals.


Brooke loves learning and experiencing new activities. With heavy lifting, playing soccer, tennis, jiu-jitsu, and recently taking up basketball, Brooke appreciates all forms of movement and loves learning about how the body moves in various activities. The effects of various activities, such as yoga on stress-release, are also interesting to note. Heavy lifting and jiu-jitsu are her current top favorite interests. Learning how to apply concepts learned in the master’s program, including specific program design, motor control, and strength and conditioning concepts, she gains an increased understanding of what she’s learning. Nutrition is another interest of hers; it is important in staying up to date with for health, as well as the strength and conditioning field. She loves reading and watching “exercise videos” on technique in her free time for the purpose of learning/improving concepts.


A favorite quote from Gray Cook, a movement specialist, always comes to mind when training is, “First move well, then move often.” Brooke believes in improving the quality of life of others first and foremost, while simultaneously aiding them in accomplishing their goals. Staying up to date with research in kinesiology is a top concern as well. Using research to answer questions or concerns is important to Brooke. If she doesn’t have an answer to a question, she makes it a priority to figure it out.