UCI Campus Recreation YogaFest

  • Sound Bath Meditation
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Aroma Vinyasa
  • Mantra Goddess Flow
  • Ashtanga Yoga
  • Core Strength Yoga
  • Yoga for Beginners
  • We also have lecture sessions on Nutrition, Microbiome Research, Stress Resilience, and Ayurveda. 
  • Zama Tea and Kombucha
  • Falasophy and Piaggio Food Trucks!

Time Classroom Training Zone Sports Studio Physical Forum Activity Annex Workout Shop
8:30am Ayurveda
Ashley McKeachie
Basic Yoga
Monique Claudio
Tibetan Meditation
Tibetan Monks
Slow the Flow
Kim Miller
Aroma Vinyasa
Mary O'Meara
9:45am The Science of Yoga
Derek Monroe
Tantric Twist Power Yoga
Jeannie McCormack
Natural Meditation
Angelika Scott
Intro to Vini Yoga
Juris Zinbergs
Aroma Vinyasa
Mary O'Meara
Strength Sets
Mariah Coleno
11:00am Yoga or Yogurt
Katrine Whiteson Ph.D.
Mantra Goddess Flow
Ashley McKeachie
Sanskrit Chanting
Juris Zinbergs
Gentle Nuturing Yoga
Angelika Scott
Healing Ancestral Karma
Kintamani Moon
Mary Hernandez
12:45pm Food Is Medicine
Alex Himstead
Reiki Energy
Shannon Kassoff
Moving Meditation
Shandra Campbell
Ashtanga for Everyone
Angelika Scott
Cacao Ceremony
Kintamani Moon
Anti-Aging Yoga
Ashley McKeachie
2:00pm Pause
Barbara Sarnecka Ph.D.
Kundalini Yoga
Lalena Hagen
Yoga Nidra
Shandra Campbell
Core Strength Yoga
Steph Paulson
Sound Bath Kundalini
Kintamani Moon
Budokon Yoga
Khary Hornsby
Ayurveda (Ashley McKeachie)
“Ayurveda is the Sister Science of Yoga”. Yoga is about the mind and Ayurveda is about the body. Explore the ancient daily routines of Ayurveda that can help reduce stress and anxiety. These 5,000 year old techniques include tongue scraping, oil massage, nasal cleansing, and more! A free gift is included in this workshop!

The Science of Yoga: Heart & Brain Health (Derek Monroe)
Most adults report persistent and increasing levels of stress that can have serious health consequences. Exercise is a commonly reported coping mechanism, but public health recommendations for physical activity only emphasize moderate-to-vigorous intensity exercise. In this brief talk, Derek will review what we know concerning the benefits of yoga for improving mood and reducing stress, with an emphasis on cardiovascular function and mental health.

Pause (Barbara Sarnecka PhD)
Most of us rush through our days, trying to accomplish as much as possible and rarely stopping to enjoy the moment. In this session, we will discuss different ways of stopping for just 30 seconds or so to bring our attention back to the present moment and enjoy life a little more.

Food Is Medicine – The Clinical Evidence Behind Whole Food Diets (UCI School of Medicine)
We will examine the connection between the standard American diet and chronic diseases and briefly look at fad diets, like keto and paleo, then the science behind whole food diets. We’ll talk about the nutrient density of various foods along with phytochemicals and the glycemic load of carbohydrates. You’ll learn about healthy fats and Omega 3 fatty acids and why guacamole is good! You’ll learn about sources of healthy protein, the effects of coffee and tea, and healthy spices. You’ll get great tips on how to shop and fill up that plate to fill up your body with the best nutrients.

Yoga or Yogurt (Katrine Whiteson, PhD)
This talk will include results from the dietary fiber intervention along with an introduction to the human microbiome in health, disease and around the world, and bring you to the edge of human knowledge about engineering human microbiomes. Attendees will discuss questions including: Will yogurt affect my gut microbiome? How about yoga, lentils, or probiotics? What is phage therapy? Should I bank my own stool sample in case I need a fecal transplant to restore my microbiome after getting antibiotics?
Introduction to Vini Yoga (Juris Zinbergs)
Learn how ancient Yoga techniques are relevant in our busy, modern times. Learn how to compensate and reduce stress, accumulated in our modern-world. Learn how to use breath-centered movement to assess and feel your muscles and joints. Learn how conscious breathing can regulate your Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). Learn how to reduce distraction, focus your attention, reduce dysfunctional reactions and increase functional actions.

Mantra Goddess Flow (Ashley McKeachie)
You are a Goddess! Experience yoga techniques like movement, breath work, mantra, visualization, and meditation, to unlock Goddess qualities that are already within you! Learn ancient techniques of yoga that invoke powerful Goddess energy to embody the qualities of good fortune, fierceness, knowledge, and faith. All genders are welcome!

Focusing Your Attention with Sanskrit Chanting (Juris Zinbergs)
Use traditional Yoga practice(s) to reduce distractions and increase mental clarity. Experience and learn how Sanskrit chanting improves your mental-clarity, improves your memory, reduces mental-chatter, sharpens your attention, improves your presence.

Sound Bath Healing Journey (Kintana Moon & friends)
Sound is a beautiful teacher. It teaches us to listen with our ears, our hearts and with every cell of our body. We invite you to come join us for a 1 hour rejuvenation ceremony aka nap time to get your cells massaged with sound frequencies. Instruments such as Planetary Tuned Gongs, Full Moon Tibetan Singing Bowls, Plant Frequencies and our voices will be used for deep relaxation.

Nurtring Gentle Yoga (Angelika Scott)
A slow and relaxing practice, especially attractive for people who are stiff or out of shape. It is a safe way to explore yoga poses slowly and carefully, paired with a gentle breathing practice and guided meditation. It is the perfect way to experience what it feels like to be deeply relaxed.

Aroma Vinyasa (Mary O’Meara)
Join Mary for a powerful essential oil infused Vinyasa Flow yoga class. She will take you on a journey pairing essential oils, chakras, and emotions, with guided-breath on your mat. This class will be all levels, advanced practitioners will be challenged and beginners met with care. Come, enjoy the flow, embrace change, and surrender in a well-deserved Savasana. We will move through a warm-up, Sun A, Sun B, Sun C, and a cool down. You will leave feeling calm, centered and well balanced.

Ashtanga for Everyone (Angelika Scott)
Ashtanga translates to "Eight", referring to the 8 limbs of yoga created by the sage Patanjali, intended for practitioners to follow, in order to live a more disciplined and fulfilling life. Ashtanga yoga is an advanced, dynamic and strong practice, linking breath to movement through quick sequences. Ashtanga for Everyone slows down the strong practice, holding each pose for 5 breaths, allowing to absorb the benefits of each pose more fully, for a deeper and more holistic experience.

Cacao Ceremony + Light Codes (Kintana Moon)
We welcome you to join us in circle as we share our intentions along with beautiful heart opening cacao elixir made with raw cacao ceremonial grade. Many cultures such as Aztecs and Mayans have used raw cacao as sacred offerings to the gods. Cacao is a beautiful medicine which is also known as the fruit of the gods also believed to enhance creativity, amplify intentions and to deepen our connection with our higher self. Following the Cacao Ceremony we will exploring our creativity tuning into our own light-codes and taking turns around the circle sharing what our soul desires to share whether it be creating a sound with our voices or through movement. This practice helps strengthen intuition and helps move and release energy.

Anti-Aging Yoga (Ashley McKeachie)
Rest, relax, and rejuvenate! Come to this restorative yoga class and learn how to practice yoga postures that decrease the physical, mental, and emotional stress you place on your body, breath, and mind. Leave feeling younger, with more clarity, and more focused on what you need in your life.

Slow the Flow – Awaken the Spirit (Kim Miller)

Awaken your morning spirit with this slow, basic, and heartfelt yoga session. This morning offering approaches the mind, body and spirit in a way that brings our beings into a more blissful state as we awaken our self-awareness. Breathing and moving in a mindful manner brings us into a state that is more attuned to the adventures we experience throughout the day. All levels are encouraged to experience this introduction to a beautiful day.

Beyond Balance (Steph Paulson)
Practicing balance doesn’t have to be boring. This class utilizes a Bosu balance trainer to test balance and increase core strength while flowing through Yoga inspired poses. A Yoga inspired Bosu workout is a different approach to traditional balance training. This class is ideal for anyone who wants to shake up their fitness routine, challenge balance and fire up the core.

Basic Yoga (Monique Claudio)
In this class you will be introduced to the fundamentals of Yoga such as postures, breath, and meditation. Learn how to customize your own yoga sequence by exploring yoga techniques that best fits your physical and mental needs. This class will allow beginners to feel comfortable and experienced practicing in a community held yoga class.

Kundalini Yoga: Ignite Your Inner Light (Lalena Hagan)
Kundalini yoga is such a powerful and useful practice for the modern world; it will quickly transform every aspect of your daily life. Anyone with a body, a mind, and a nervous system needs productive skills to cope with the pressures of the world we live in. Not just cope but SUCCEED. Kundalini yoga is for everyone.

Budokon Yoga (Khary Hornsby)
A movement arts practice founded at the intersection of yoga, martial arts and calisthenics. This class is a transition-based practice where you can expect to move slowly, yet dynamically – the transition is the position. These intentional and controlled movements are designed to improve mobility, agility, flexibility and strength.

Power Yoga with a Tantric Twist (Jeannie McCormack)
This class embraces the totality. Move from high energy, heart pumping moves - to energy balancing rhythm - to deep stretches - finally go for complete relaxation. This class uses music and visualization to enhance your total mind body experience. Suitable for all yoga and fitness levels. Not to be missed!!

Reiki Energy (Shannon Kassoff)
Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing, stress reduction, relaxation and self-improvement. It has been effective in helping virtually every known illness and malady and always creates a beneficial effect. Learn about Reiki, experience Reiki meditation and receive Reiki clearing and healing of your own energetic pathways in a group Reiki session.
Natural Meditation (Angelika Scott)
Meditation is an approach to train the mind similar to what fitness is doing for the body.  Making your mind your ally instead of letting your thoughts run wild! Ever been stressed, worried, anxious?  You can gain focus, inner power and peace of mind through a natural approach in meditation.  No previous experience necessary, everyone is welcome!

Tibetan Meditation (The Tibetan Monks)
Our visiting Tibetan Monks will lead a session in traditional Tibetan meditation.

Moving Meditation (Shandra Campbell)
Moving Meditation is often thought of in connection with Tai Chi.  This class pays homage to that practice by combining yoga asana (postures), with guided imagery and deep breathing.  You will be in near-constant motion, throughout this class.  As you call upon your breath to move through each posture, all five senses will awaken to join you on this slow and methodical journey to a balanced mind and body.

Healing Ancestral Karma + Sound Bath (Kintana Moon)
The first portion of the session will be gathering in an intention sharing circle with a Kundalini Yoga Medication for “Healing Ancestral Karma” And "Guru Guru Wahe Guru" also known as the mantra of miracles.  Yogi Bhajan taught that when we are liberated, we also liberate 7 generations back and 7 generations forward.  The second portion is a sound bath with a Meditation for Peace and Healing for the Planet.  Instruments such as Planetary Tuned Gongs, Full Moon Tibetan Singing Bowls, Plant Frequencies and our voices will be used for deep relaxation.

Yoga Nidra (Shandra Campbell)
Yoga Nidra is a level of consciousness that exists between sleep and wakefulness. A state of deep relaxation, often referred to as "yogic sleep". You will spend the entire class in savasana, guided through a dreamlike meditation designed to calm the mind, restore the body, and nurture the soul. This class will include alternate nostril breathing at the beginning, and ratio and ujjayi throughout the meditation.